Multi-segment journey flight tickets

These days I am used to travel a lot, and sometimes I have to fly back to Germany from a different airport where I have arrived. I spent a lot of time in these cases to look for low-cost air carriers, because normal airlines usually do not provide one-way tickets for a reasonable price. However I feel limited and I want to access those destinations that normal airlines provide.

There is a solution for this problem called “’Multi-segment journey”. As one picture worth more than thousand words, let me start with a screenshot:


135 EUR for a Munich-Budapest-Frankfurt ticket, without the need of low-cost carriers. Attractive isn’t it? But we are not limited to two destinations, more can be added. However there is a drawback: if one segment is not used, the ticket might be not used any further.

Moreover Lufthansa homepage allows to plan and include in the journey other Star Alliance members like SAS or Austrian airlines.

There is only one question left, how can this trip be planned? On the Lufthansa Front page “Search with more option” and then “Multi-segment journey” can be selected. Unfortunately it does not show the costs, for this I usually go back to the main page and check for round ticket prices between Munich-Budapest and Frankfurt-Budapest.

I have not found any website yet where the trips using the OneWorld alliance (Malev, British Airways etc) can be planned however I buy my tickets at Bonafini.