Price of cheap solutions: using home wireless routers in a business environment

Recently I spent some days in different hotels in Hungary and I was quite surprised that at many places, routers designed for home usage were set up to satisfy the needs of tons of users. The beloved manufacturer was TP-LINK and I was shocked on the solutions that I have seen:
1. The routers were connected in a daisy link structure with ethernet cables instead of star structure.
2. Many amateur so called network specialist do not know that same SSID can be assigned by multiple routers. In other to minimize conflict of channels it is thought that giving different SSID is a solution to the problem instead of cleverly assigning the radio channels. This is very inconvenient, because the user has to connect separately to every router.


3. TP-LINK is perfect for home and small business usage, however I would consider it twice before deploying for hundreds of users.

I am sure that such a solution is very cheap to set up initially, however the network might tend to break down and the work hours of a network specialist are expensive. This means that many CEO do not plan simply with a long term solution, but giving a kind of connection without taking into account that router errors are responsible for frustrated guests.