Experiment: having data-only mobile subscription

Being a heavy smart phone user I decided to sign up for for a data-based subscription where every extra SMS and calls are charged. I found a nice offer where 10 GB per month is included for roughly 69 DKK/month (~10 €) in Denmark, and that so far satisfies almost all of my needs. Also checking the monthly bills, I am familiar with my calling habits, therefore it would not be worth to have some hundred minutes included the package.

Unfortunately such offer does not exists in Germany and most of the subscriptions are limited to 200MB-1Gb of traffic. Also the mobile providers are still trapped with the so called “Flat-Rate-Fetish”, which means that the customer can call multiple mobile/landline networks freely depending how much they pay. This option was popular roughly a decade ago, however the providers failed to follow the changes. Even worse for example: Deutsche Telekom’s Hungarian subsidiary company has packages ranging between 100Mb-26Gb (for ~3-33€/month), but for some reason these successful options are not offered in Germany.